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Sometimes I come out swinging. And you know, sometimes swinging is appropriate. Ranting about practice is the usual way I swing. So I am including the clip Ray isolated out a few years ago where I encouraged everyone not to listen to anything.

The two sides of a dichotomy have a conversation on a regular basis. What’s wrong? Nothing, if you really enjoy back and forth, back and forth. In order for us to be ourselves we have to give up both sides of the dichotomy. Not one, both sides. As long as I am caught oscillating back and forth, back and forth I can’t do anything. More importantly, I’m unhappy and cannot find the escape. There comes a time when we all have to say I’d rather have nothing than this. So even if I do not know my true voice and I have not been graced with the experience of the witness or the true voice I at least am willing and able to give up listening to the dichotomy, to the conscience, to the good voice, to the bad voice, to the one that argues, to the one that is always going back and forth telling me to do this and telling me not to do this, why can’t I do this, then blaming this person, then blaming that person. No, it is time for all of us to reach that point where I’d rather have nothing than this.

Once we have started practicing, not listening, then we’re on the path. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy; this doesn’t mean everything is going to go my way or your way. This means we’re heading in the right direction. Do I know what it is that I need to be doing? No, not necessarily-discernment comes with quiet. But it does mean that I know the direction to go. If I keep putting my attention out of my head, out of my thoughts, out of my ideas, out of my emotions, and keep moving my attention to the Heart, then one day grace will come and I will know where it is I am actually going. So don’t worry about having your voice. Worry about getting rid of the voice you have. Stop listening to anything. After a while you will begin to actually hear your real answer.

So I’m swinging for you. I’m out here telling you to stop listening to anything. We think we are doing it our way when in fact we are actually doing it our small self’s way. We are not in control, though we are so sure we are. Be quiet so you can hear your own voice. Remember, you cannot hear your own voice until you stop listening to the dichotomizing voices. Practice and you will find your own Heart. Now.


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Do Not Listen To Anything

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