Really Being Positive….

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Calling something what it is is being honest, which is truly being positive. Calling something what it is is not negative. What is really negative is not calling something what it is; it is calling something what it is not.

So if I am practicing, then I am truly honest with myself. I can choose. I can see what is what and name it. So I am really positive. This has been a surprise for me and many other people, as I am often called negative. But I confirm, and affirm, what is really there, so calling me negative is calling me something I am not. Those who call me negative, then, are actually being negative themselves; they are judging, not affirming what is.

When we are positive in sādhana, we are being with our experience, letting whatever comes up from the experience come up, and functioning appropriately on the physical plane. We begin to call each vibration what it is. We have to be willing to make that shift, which means starting to dismantle our notions, our narrative. That is why people leave. They want to change the story they tell themselves, not still their vibrations. They have notions of love in their minds, and superimpose them on the vibrations they have. They refuse to call their vibrations what they are.

If you are having a notion and listening to it and believing it, you are not practicing. At that moment, let go and go in; then you will begin to experience a vibration you did not allow.

If we guard the Heart, we can still our vibrations because we discern what they are and allow the letters to arise from the vibration and form words that call the vibrations what they really are. We are not denying or running away, and we are not calling the vibration anything it is not. We are then being positive, no matter what the vibration happens to be.

We are shining a light through our attention, and this light dissolves the vibration. This is very positive, and as we continue to practice, the stillness that comes allows the Love within to shine forth. We are no longer obscuring the truth.

If we remain in our heads, we will probably call our vibrations whatever we are comfortable with. We will judge and deny certain vibrations that we actually need in order to move forward in our lives. Under the guise of calling ourselves positive, we prevent ourselves from having what we need in order to resolve our life’s lessons. We unwittingly will be negative and out of harmony.

Until we get out of our heads, we do not have a chance of being positive. Our heads are about notions and maintaining our narratives. Our words are more important than authenticity. As long as we are in our heads, there isn’t anything that comes out of our mouth that isn’t a notion. Whenever a vibration comes up, we will seamlessly transition into notion-building, into narrative.

All comes down to trusting your own experience—letting it come up without judging it. I always say, “I would rather make my mistake than someone else’s.” Not superimposing on my experience, but allowing whatever comes up from the experience to come up and being appropriate, allows me to see the world as it is, not as I would prefer it to be. If you trust your experience, you will begin to discern.

Be with your experience. People think I am naïve for saying this. They say it doesn’t work, the world does not really work that way. Practice really does work. When we are with our experience, being positive, and calling our vibrations what they actually are, we can see clearly, and all the options for acting appropriately will be available to us.

Appropriateness is then flexible. I cannot stress enough that appropriate does not mean “acceptable.” Acceptable to whom? Appropriate is what is needed in the moment. If we act according to what we call “acceptable” we will be negative; we will be limiting our options according to our notions. We will not necessarily be appropriate.

This is all very positive, isn’t it?

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