Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!….

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We are all feeling the effects of a globally rough year. So much pain and misery through illness, natural disasters, war and conflict. As we approach the holidays, we need to look to how these observances began. The world was no more peaceful then than it is now, but God shone through the chaos of those times with great Love.

Why we celebrate the holidays has so often been lost. At their core, these holidays call us to remember God manifesting clearly on earth. They call us to surrender, so that we know how God informs our lives, and we live in that awareness. Great Beings like Baba have shown us how to answer that call.

Today is no different from back then. God shines through and suffuses all with Love. Our work is to live each day being connected to God in the Heart, and to participate in the great Game with the Love that is our birthright.




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