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Joyous Foursquare

Joyous Despairing
Intoxicated Grounded

When reflecting on a foursquare to paint, I begin with the top left quality, knowing that each component of the foursquare must not be conflated with the other three. Every quality has its own vibration that arises from within, becoming less subtle and more material. As the vibration manifests, letters express it, and a word is formed that truly represents the vibration.

Ideas about joy, especially in this time of year, are lively, fun, and upbeat. But as I meditated, I felt the vibration of the joy within us all as a steady, underlying hum. Joy is more quiet than we tend to believe.

So my gift to each of you is the separation of each of the vibrations in the form of a painting. Let yourself feel the difference between joyous and intoxicated; between despairing and grounded. How many times have we thought people were deep and grounded when in fact they were despairing, or thought they were despairing when in fact they were nonattached and grounded? How many times have we thought someone to be joyous when in fact they were intoxicated? Or discounted someone’s joyousness because we decided they were intoxicated?

Know all of the vibrations as they really are. Know that each is within you. Learn and practice, so that you can choose to be both joyous and grounded, and live in the Love of God.

With Joy and Love and best wishes for the season,


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