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the only way              to see

                 anyone             is  to        look

                       within                     one’s own depths



    to think       that the

                    Guru                 has                to

                                                      see you

                               is missing


 your point            is                to              see

                                        the Guru          then

                  the Guru                          easily sees


the Guru                  does not need        your gaze

                                           you      need                  your gaze

                                                on                him

                    he        does  not need    to gaze       on you

       unless         he             is interested

                                                        in       mosquitoes         that day

                                                                                      the Guru

           is always                                             looking         within

  even                 when    you think he

                                                 is      looking at     you

    he  knows         you     from the

                    inside            not the

      surface                        indicators    that                 you

                                         call you

turn in        if you                want               to meet                 the Guru

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