I Can’t Accept That….

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Acceptance is a word that is used quite a bit in spiritual venues. The problem is that we are to only accept, affirm, receive, welcome, take in the “loving”, the good. The loving and good are not defined universally; though we believe we are all in agreement, these words are defined differently by each of us. To proceed down the path to God, the Self, we have to accept everything. We have to take in the truth about each of our qualities. Not just the ones we have decided we like. What then does that mean? These last few weeks we have been pushing hard. We have dug into the painful realities of our own systems; the systems we have created and now have to dismantle.

In order to break down our systems, we have to accept the one we have. No pretending we have a pretty one that does not need cleaning. No imagining we can just jump to the Absolute. No pretending and saying that we are One; for not until we live there are we there. Accept this. Absolute Truth is there, but the truth is that we are living in relative reality. Do not put that down; accept it. We cannot pretend we are in Absolute Reality until we are. So we hear “Be in the present”, “Be here Now”. True. Then be here with all the reality of now. Acceptance is being able to own both our good qualities and our flaws, and to know our character. Then we can actually do something about these things. Accepting our sins is what purgatory is about. Purification cannot occur if we are pretending to be enlightened, finished, One with God, the Self, etc. This realization is not bad or negative; it is the truth, reality. Accept it and you will actually free yourself from what you have run from.

We cannot  just say “I have this”, “I do that”. We have to own and accept without any rancor that we have these, all qualities. When we practice with a Foursquare and our seeds, our vibrations help us to accept and experience our qualities so that we can eventually still them. The process is to own, master, and then transcend all our qualities, all our vibrations.

We cannot get rid of something we have not owned. This entails really experiencing what we do and the impact we have on ourselves and others. Accepting the truth is not an intellectual exercise only. We have to dig in to the deepest part of our awareness and accept from there. This does hurt; it can wrench, and hopefully we will feel remorse. But the process of accepting the truth and then working to master and transcend our attachments leaves us with Love. We accept as the beginning of cleaning away the dirt that covers our love. We have to see the dirt as ourselves, and then gradually know it as ours, and then finally go beyond it. This first act of acceptance of these qualities, then, is the real beginning of loving ourselves. This is taking the first step out of Hell. When we resist this we find ourselves remaining stuck in the mess of Hell. “I can’t accept that I am bad” puts us right where we do not want to be. How ironic it is that if we could just accept our flaws we would be heading in the right direction. How sad we are. And we think we are holding on to the good when we are running from the truth. We are in a strong repulsion relationship with our own qualities.

The only way to Paradise is through acceptance of Reality. This is simple and clear. If we were already there, we would not fight the Truth. And yet we all have some form of resistance, something that we refuse to face, something we deny instead of accept. Accept your whole self, and then you have the choice to be free from your whole self. When we are free from our whole self, we emerge to be the Self, which is Love. Can you accept that?


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