Guest Blog by Aaron Ralby: The Hoop of No Hoops….

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Taller than a mountain and wider than the sea,

As heavy as iron and lighter than a breeze,

The ultimate challenge, the final task,

Distilled difficulty filled in a flask;

Many hoops you’ve jumped of fire and ice,

Of danger, dust, despair, and vice,

Hoops of toil, hoops of trouble,

Hoops of battle surrounded by rubble.

You’ve jumped through the earth, you’ve jumped through the sky,

You’ve jumped and jumped, prepared to die:

Diseases, wounds, and injuries,

Endured deceits and perjuries,

Each deadline met, each job complete,

How high, how low, how shallow, how steep,

You’ve jumped through the hoops before your feet.

All hoops but one — the toughest to beat.


Before you lies the hardest of hoops,

An endless beginning enclosed in a loop.

So low, no depth; so high, no height;

Adventure devoid of danger or fight,

Devoid of struggle, devoid of stress,

Devoid of malice, envy, and mess:

Before you lies the hoop of no hoops,

A challengeless task, a waterless soup,

A wind of stone, and a rock of air,

Jump through this hoop so long as you dare.

You’ll never return, nor be the same.

Jump through the hoop and end the game.

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