Feeling This Loss….

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Community is so important for all of us. We are a family made up of people who are wanting Love. This path we have all chosen is not always easy. But the truth is, the alternative is worse. We have to remember that we are in Purgatory, living out our past actions, and as we move forward consciously, we find ourselves lighter and clearer and more willing to surrender what does not serve us in the best sense of the word.

So we all need to support each other and understand that, though our goal is the same, each of us has the choice to proceed in the way we see fit.

As many of you know, I do not always agree with how people choose. Many have waded through long periods of depression, anger and pride. It is always a joy to see the sun come out again and watch you enjoying your lives.

I share with great sadness that this past week someone chose to leave our company forever. We will never be able to laugh and cry with them in the form we knew them. We do not know what led her to make this decision, but clearly it was thought out and seen as the only choice. How sad for her, and for us. Tyla will be missed by all of us. We mourn, and pray that she found what she was looking for. I am so sorry she could not find it here among us.



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