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There are two important things which I look for in a spiritual book. The first is authenticity. Has the author genuinely experienced that about which they write…or are they reorganizing concepts which they have read in other books. The second is, does the author clearly present an effective practice which will guide the reader to a direct personal experience of what the author promises via the conveyance of the book.

What Rohini has written is authentic. I was there, during the time period covered in “Walking Home with Baba” and I witnessed many of the events she shares. She had a direct, personal relationship with Baba. The type of personal relationship that surgically removes chunks of the ego…without anesthesia. I couldn’t have known what her internal experience was at the time, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The practices she offers work. She actually did all of the practices she shares, with powerful focus and depth. She has experienced what she is talking about, which actually is the only way one can effectively guide others. Really…what other author has two amazingly accomplished sons, verifying on the book cover the direct positive experiences of growing up in practices, guided by their mother…really.

— Eddie Oliver, COO and Board Member of Baba’s Spiritual Organization.


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